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Husband vashikaran mantra is used to get your ex-husband back who is with his second wife or with another lady. If your husband is currently living in another city or country with another girl and you are upset and want him back or need any possible solution so that he come back in your life again then easy vashikaran mantra to control husband in Hindi is recommended for you. We give you strongest result oriented upaya to get rid of other girl from your husband’s life and will tell how to get back my husband from his second wife.

If for some reason, there is no love between husband and wife or your married life has become hell due to the existence of third person in your relation then you can get your spouse’s love back. Some of of wives has complaint that my husband loves me but he never listen to me. Also fighting with me. He gives importance to everyone’s single word but not listening of mine then Guruji R.K.Sharma will solve your problem. He will provide you not only your respect back in the family but also help for your rights. Vashikaran tips to control husband.

It is very difficult to do vashikaran on someone or to make someone under own control. Everyone wants that people should listen to them and remain under their control but it is not possible. But here is some basic lal kitab tips for vashikaran by which you can get lost love back. Mantra to keep husband in control.

First Pan Vashikaran Upaya:- This hindi mantra can be used both by husband and wife or one of them can use it. For this purpose, you have to chant following mantra 10,000 times in any sidh yoga and then give a pan to your partner to eat. It makes your life partner under your attraction or control for lifetime. Husband can do this remedy for his wife and wife can also do this astrological totka for her husband. Know How to make husband love, care and committed to you? Lal kitab upaya to how to control husband by vashikaran.

Mantra in Hindi: ॐ काम-काम मालिनी पति मे वश मानय ठ: ठ: ||
Mantra in English: Om Kaam-Kaam Malini Pati Me Vash Maanay thah thah ||

Vashikaran Mantra To Remove Extra Marital Affair:

Astro remedies for how overcome/end the husband illegal affairsThere are some astrological upayas in lal kitab for those women whose husbands are involved in extra-marital affair. This remedy or totka is so simple that every lady can perform it at home easily without any difficulty. To practice this manta, there is no need of any specific sadhna or pooja path vidhi or not have to follow any niyam. But it is essential to practice these home remedies in expert’s guidance.

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Note: This mantra upaya is for educational purpose. To perform this mantra at home, take Sidh Mantra from Guruji. It is Free of cost. 

Know how to control my husband with mantra. Woman whose husband is in a relationship with another woman and do not have love for his wife. if you husband is always quarrel with you then with the help of this lal kitab remedy you can make your husband in your favor. And stop his extra marital affair by home made remedies. Know astro tips If your wife has extra martial affair then what to do to get rid off. Lal kitab remedies to win husband’s love.

How To Use:

This is hindi vashikaran mantra to remove disputes between couples. This mantra has to be recited 7 times daily while going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning.

Mantra in Hindi : Om Chimi chimi Swaha ||

Totka: On the midnight of Thursday or Friday at 12.00, cut some hair of husband and keep them in a safe place where your husband can not see them. By doing this, your husband’s attention completely gone away from that lady and he will love you again. After some days burn these hair and throw out of the house. Thus you can control husband’s mind so that he will never see any woman again. Use these lal kitab ke totke for husband.

Hindi Vahikaran Mantra By Sweet:

First of all you have to get siddhi over this mantra by chanting 10 rosary of it daily for 21 days. After that this mantra will get sidh. After getting siddhi over this vashikaran mantra for husband, take any sweet in hand and read this mantra seven times and then feed it to husband. Do this process for 21 days. By doing this remedy your husband will come under your control forever and then never leave you again for someone else. This also help to stop husband from cheating you. Solve conflicts between husband wife by tips and totke for happy married life. Use these vashikaran totke for husband in hindi. These are very simple totke to control husband.

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