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Enchanters have long performed rituals to strengthen the connection with another person. Such binding charms work for different situations: whether you want to rekindle the old flame, establish stronger bonds with your partner, etc. 

The power of magic is mind-bowling because it can make your relationship simply beautiful. Numerous love spells can assist you in it. One of them is a binding love spell that aims at unlocking true passion. Do you know how to cast the binding love spell and what ingredients you may need? If not, check our guide and make your deepest desires come true!

Things you will need to cast a binding love spell 

Giving the additional spark to a relationship with the help of the most powerful binding love spell is easy-peasy. Of course, if you know what you need for spell-casting.

What ingredients will you need? 

  • The photos of your partner 
  • Six red or pink candles
  • White sage incense  
  • Essential oils
  • Chalk or salt

The binding love spell needs other things which don’t belong to the material world, namely, pure intention, which got you to cast the charm. Magical incantations can work backward if your heart is drawn in negative energies. For example, you know that you cause emotional pain to your partner. That’s why the person is trying to push you away to protect their well-being. You want to strengthen their affection for you as if they were your property or a pet. Does such a desire belong to negative ones? Absolutely yes! Can it work backward and cause trouble? Very likely. 

Therefore, before learning how to do a binding love spell and casting it, make sure you want the best, not just for yourself but for your partner.

How to cast a binding love spell

Before performing the charm, find a calm place for your ritual. It is better to select a closed room that you need to cleanse with white sage incense. The next step is to anoint yourself with essential oils. You don’t need to pour a whole barrel of oil on yourself. Just put some drops on your wrists and neck. The sage and oils help attract positive powers.

Then, light your candles and draw a circle around yourself using chalk or salt. These steps are necessary because they protect you from dangerous magical spirits who will decide to interrupt or even harm you. 

Now take a photo of your significant one in your hands and focus on their face. Imagine how binding energy makes you and your partner closer. Then, repeat the spell, “Higher spirits are blessing my partner and me in a strong and long-lasting relationship.” Repeat it three times. After finishing the chant, spend several minutes enjoying positive vibrations which enter your heart and life. 

Safely store away the photo of your beloved one until you see the spell starts working. 


Knowing how to cast a binding love spell is not enough to make the charm work. Belief, patience, and taking action are integral parts of every magical ritual. They can contribute a lot to making your dream come true.

Allen Wood
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