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Magic is something that no one believes in, but also something that everyone hopes it exists. History has evidenced many inexplicable events which could be connected with witchcraft in one way or another. One of the brightest examples is when spell-casters bewitch a loved one or find true love.

A lot of spells can assist you in reaching this goal. For example, spells with candles or charms with rose petals. There are also spells that belong to dark magic and can have very unpleasant consequences. For example, voodoo spells fall under this category.  

Today, we will discuss the most powerful full moon spell. It belongs to white magic and aims at helping to entice true love. 

A fool moon symbolizes the end of a journey. In our case, this journey means a period of loneliness. Addressing the powers of a fool moon, we can raise our chances of stopping the era of forever alone and starting a new page in romantic life. 

Things you will need to cast a fool moon spell 

The love fool moon spell doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. In fact, you will need only the fool moon and rose petals. Look into the moon calendar to find when the nearest fool moon is and check the weather conditions for this day. The night sky should be clear and let the fool moon radiate its energies on the Earth. If there is a cloudy sky or even rain, schedule your spell-casting ritual for the next time. Otherwise, you will spend your time in vain since you won’t get any support from cosmic powers. 

Also, it’s worth saying that rose petals should be red or pink since these colors are connected with love and other romantic feelings. 

How to cast a full moon spell

The first thing to do is think about the qualities you want your future partner to have. Make a list of character traits and appearance features that attract you the most. 

Then, select the night when a full moon will be in one of the following earth signs: Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn. The moon should be visible, so you can get as many cosmic powers as possible. 

Next, fold the list with desired qualities and put it close to your heart, namely, against your breast.

The last step is to take the list with a bunch of rose petals. Go out of your house and make three rounds around it. While going, scatter the petals and repeat the charm, “Come to me, my ideal soulmate. I am your destiny. And you are my destiny.” When you repeat the spell, visualize your future relationship, imagining how much love and support you will give and get from your partner. 


Spells cannot guarantee love to come into your life. Even if you know how to do a Full moon spell, you may not achieve what you want because you lack inner faith or strength. In addition, your desire may be shrouded in negative energies or bad intentions, which can make your spell work backward or not work at all. That’s why stay positive and believe in the blessing from the Universe.

Allen Wood
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